The Open Solution™ by MBA Benefit Administrators is changing the way people create and manage medical benefits.

  • Up to 25% First-Year Savings

  • Flat to Reduced Renewals

  • Infinitely Flexible Benefit Design

Up to 25% off from previous year

The Open Solution’s™ auditing and re-pricing formula provides greater savings than standard discounts. This increases your organization’s cash flow and stops the ever-tightening squeeze on your employees’ paychecks.

No Networks

Because our plan doesn’t rely on forcing employees into networks to obtain discounts, your employees are free to see any provider and use any facility. This allows people more freedom and control over their healthcare.

Chronic Conditions

Pro-active medical case management helps to prevent costly medical stays and procedures by utilizing nurse case managers throughout the continuum of care; preventative coaching, episode management and maintenance consulting.

Open Access

Easily solve multi-state issues by offering the same benefits to all employees throughout the US. Our plans are governed by ERISA, not the State. No network restrictions mean simpler administration and reduced costs.

The Open Solution from MBA is the partially self-funded medical plan which puts you in control the first year and for many years to come.

MBA Benefit Administrators was founded in 1987 as a third-party administrator for group health benefit plans. In 2012, MBA introduced The Open Solution™, a partially self-insured plan that incorporates multiple cost reduction strategies. The plan eliminates network requirements and reduces the number, size and frequency of claims resulting in a savings of 25% or more.

Whether you are an employer or a broker:

  • We have the benefit solutions you need.

  • At a cost or commission you can actually live with.

  • With our full support and undivided attention.