Who is on your side?

In the current group health insurance scenario, if you’re like most companies and organizations, it’s unlikely you have anybody sitting on your side of the table protecting your interests.  Consider that hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, pharmaceutical and medical device companies and even brokers are on the other side of the table from you while you sit all alone.  Most brokers are paid a commission based on the premium rather than a flat fee which means their commission rises with the increase in premiums. And many brokers don’t have the training to properly advise their clients on the value of a plan like The Open Solution™.

Even if your organization is currently sponsoring a self funded plan you find yourself at the mercy of healthcare providers and facilities and their bizarre, non-sensical and unfair price structures.  They have no financial incentive to reduce your medical and insurance costs.  Their interests are not the same as yours.  The Open Solution™ as a fiduciary to your plan puts us on your side of the table.

Our motivation is aligned with yours.  That means:

1) We pay all claims allowable according to your plan document – not the billed amount.

2) We offer a co-fiduciary relationship to protect individuals from unfair collection practices by medical facilities.   You won’t find this anywhere else!

3) We guard the privacy of every participant.

4) We offer the lowest cost options on a) medical facility reimbursements b) pharmacy expenses and c) medical management support for those with chronic health conditions.

We provide access to an objective third party review process for legal and medical/experimental determinations and coverage decisions through the final level of internal appeals.

As a fiduciary we share the responsibility with the plan sponsor to ensure that issues that arise within the management of your plan are effectively and prudently resolved.

We are on your side all the way and are here to look out for your best interests.

Our obligation and duty is to be a prudent steward of your hard earned dollars.

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