In response to COVID-19


In response to COVID-19, MBA and its affiliates have plans and resources in place in our effort to protect employees and continue to serve our clients. To date, there has been no material business impact to our services, but we would like to take this opportunity to assure you that we have comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plans including pandemic events to address potential operational challenges and disruptions, including, but not limited to, an outbreak such as COVID-19.

We have confidence that we are well positioned to continue to provide the same excellent service with minimal interruption. Most employees are able to work remotely if necessary, and we pride ourselves on having provided and continuing to provide a great deal of cross-training across multiple service lines and roles, such that even if key individuals are unexpectedly unavailable, other employees will be able to quickly and competently step in.

We will continue to monitor COVID-19’s progress and assess its potential impact on our business as well as those of our partners, and we encourage you to consult with the Centers for Disease Control at for updates along with your local state authority, and take any actions you deem appropriate for the comfort and protection of your valued employees.