Group Health Insurance

The Medical Industrial Complex is Robbing You Blind

The unrelenting trend in health plans is a spiraling and unsustainable inflation rate in medical costs.  We all know this and see it every day. “American employers have arguably become the sloppiest purchasers of health care anywhere in the world.”  – Uwe E. Reinhardt, economics professor at Princeton University The solution to this problem hinges…

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You love rising premiums and declining benefits, right?

Are you ready to change the current health care plan trend – rising premiums and declining benefits? Then you need to get out there and make that change! You and your employees deserve the best you can get – without network restrictions and egregious pricing. You shouldn’t have to leave a doctor you love just…

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MBA Disrupts Group Health Insurance

MBA has been managing group health insurance for more than 30 years. In that time, medical technology, scientific research and community lifestyle trends have impacted both the onset and treatment of illnesses. Government regulations have transformed the way healthcare is managed and provided.  Through all of that MBA has created innovative, systematic approach to promoting…

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