Don’t be Trapped by PPO Network Contracts

Why do you continue paying outlandish premiums for your insurance plan? Why do your premiums go up every year? What if there was a way to keep employee premiums down without lowering benefits or raising deductibles? You need a smart alternative to the typical PPO network discounts that hardly make a difference in terms of cost savings.  What if instead of “top down discounts” on your bill you were paying a fair and reasonable price from bottom up? This would bring charges for things like MRIs, medical supplies, and procedures such as dialysis to a more reasonable level.

The Open Solution™ obtains massive savings off of billed charges. With the help of ELAP Services we protect you and your precious healthcare dollars by auditing and re-pricing each and every medical facility bill that contain exorbitant charges. We advise our clients to purchase health care in the same manner they buy everything else: with transparency and a clear relationship between cost/value and price.

ELAP Services analyzes bills based on criteria such as what hospitals bill Medicare patients. Using a hospital’s own financial filings, ELAP isolates billing errors and outrageous charges for small items, such as $75 gauze pads. When faced with this documentation hospitals accept the lower payment most of the time.  ELAP also offers a co-fiduciary relationship to provide legal defense if balance billing occurs, and defends plans and individuals from unfair and illegal collection practices by medical facilities.

Check out what happens to a hospital bill after ELAP Services audit and re-prices it:

Unfortunately, most PPO discounts offer minimal savings. Usually PPO networks save you an average 25% off the billed amount. This means if you were to take same bill from above you would have paid $9,583.50 under a traditional PPO network discount. By having the bill audited and re-priced we were able to save the company 84% off the billed amount or $10,709.22.  We dare you to try to find a PPO network discount that will help your company more than our audit and re-pricing services.

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