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Posts by Abe Welty

Don’t be Trapped by PPO Network Contracts

Why do you continue paying outlandish premiums for your insurance plan? Why do your premiums go up every year? What if there was a way to keep employee premiums down without lowering benefits or raising deductibles? You need a smart alternative to the typical PPO network discounts that hardly make a difference in terms of…

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Cut the cost of your health insurance

It is health insurance renewal time again. You mull over a couple of options provided by your loyal and trusted broker. Once again your premiums are going up, and will need to make room in your budget for the increase. This pattern of increasing costs is only going to continue year after year. You ask…

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Busting 3 Big Myths about Self-Insured Health Plans

Many companies have evaluated the increasing premium costs associated with their group medical insurance programs and have looked for ways to improve cash flow and economize on the budget for employee benefits.  This has given rise to partial self-funding and insured stop-loss managed platforms.  Any company that is not using this type of a plan…

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